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Collegehumors’ new video is on point as always

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noir au

my tablet pen is doing this weird thing so these are all rushed

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Concept Art + Final Film)

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GET TO KNOW ME MEME: [1/5] Favorite Female Characters » Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow 

"Hey fellas, either one of you know where The Smithsonian is? I’m here to pick up a fossil"

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this mage pride mix of fenris’s theme is hella good



Life and death of Andraste

This art is beautiful. But wow, they weren’t even trying to use non-Christian imagery, were they?

I’m catching a Joan of Arc thing in a few of these panels but I gotta admit that I am too clueless about Christianity to pick up any of the other borrowed images. Curious nonetheless. Love the art style.

They’re referencing triptychs (three paneled paintings) and polyptychs (multi-paneled art) from the Renaissance, which were often Christian in nature.  Though to be fair, most European art from the Medieval period until the Enlightenment was Christian in nature (and it still is a common subject in art to this day), especially since the Church had the means to commission elaborate works of art.  The very nature of this type of art was designed to go inside of churches and cathedrals.  So referencing European art forms such as this means you’re also referencing their religious nature.  They’re not separable.

(Ukiyo-e also used panels, but it should be noted that it had a much different style than that, and these art pieces are not referencing ukiyo-e in style at all, but rather the European triptychs in all their Christian natures.)

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I really hate making this kind of post, but we are in dire straights money-wise. With me being on disability, and Jess possibly not getting paid this week due to summer vacation, we are in real danger of not being able to pay our rent this month, let alone get groceries or put gas in the car.

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For those of you who know us, you know how much we don’t want to be asking this of you guys, but we’re not sure where else to turn at this point.
Donations can be made via Paypal - zoisite84[at]yahoo.com.</b>

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yeah, I totally get you, and I see how it is a pretty problematic definition used in that way.

yeah, i just… i don’t want to say much until they’ve actually defined it (even if they define it by omission in-universe, where we tease out their implication).  there’s too much in the air right now, and i’d rather listen to what the trans and pan communities have to say when the game arrives.

also I think they meant all races and male/female but then again the game isn’t released yet so perhaps there’s something we haven’t seen yet regarding gender depiction in game.

they likely are trying to refer to that, which is… not what pansexuality would mean in the real world, since humans are one race, and bestiality is not something i think many people identifying as pan would want to include.  and being attracted to “alien” races is not like being attracted to non-binary people, and it’s super problematic to suggest that non-binary people are “alien” or othered as elves, dwarves, etc.  hence why i’m already wincing, because pan is a term we’re trying to work with in the real world and here they are tossing it about in a fantasy setting without even defining it.  devs have already indicated they’re not likely to break the gender binary or depict any trans characters, so i’m just going to wait for the game and then try to negotiate definitions for the iron bull myself.  i mean, bioware is obviously worlds better than other gaming companies, but they still have lines of gender essentialism running through both games, even though in da2 they troubled those boundaries a bit better (especially with aveline).  so we’ll have to see what happens in da:i.