Don’t fall in love with white haired anime boys.
— ancient anime fandom proverb (via chiascuros)

i am sitting on nearly 2000 words of graphic higgity-jiggity between two ladies that i had to cut out of one story, what do i do with it now, omfg



Today on medievalpoc we brainstormed historically accurate Asian women as Robin Hood in Medieval England, with possible Trotula the Medieval gynecologist as a Merry Woman, touched on 30 ways to become An Immortal from a non-Western perspective (including eating mermaid meat!), revisited the accurately diverse demographics of the Caribbean and possibilities thereof (including LGBT pirates), saw some average peasants of color from the Renaissance doing their peasant thing, learned about the legendary beauty of an enslaved man named Paul in Pre-Revolutionary France, attempted to clarify the sociopolitical nuances of terminology, religion and race in 16th century Spain and Portugal, and called out Gilgamesh for being a raging tryhard.

^ In one day. Which is kinda the point here-and why I can be pretty critical of how we see the same things over and over and over in Medieval style fantasy media.

No writer or creator is limited by history or “historical accuracy”.

Anything you can possibly imagine has a historical precedent.

I find that prospect absolutely thrilling, and I hope you do, too.

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hey, you know what i could do without?  a bunch of straight people going on about how lgbt dragon age fans should feel about sexual orientation news relating to dragon age: inquisition.  heterosexuality will always be represented and offered.  and always has.  its representation is not in any danger.  so, do me a favor, hetero dragon age fans, and shut the actual fuck up.

Emergency beta read request

For an emergency pinch hit.  Like, are you available right now?  It’s kind of due tomorrow.  Can you help me go through over 5000 words of femslash?  I’m happy to tell you the fandom in private message or email.  My email: imadrabloodwater[at]gmail[dot]com.  I’d greatly appreciate it.

Thank you so much, revolutionator!

i am so not into the character designs of the companions in dragon age: inquisition.  most of them look like some white guy’s fever dream of what would be cool, which is never anywhere close to my aesthetic interests.  i’m not talking beauty here.  i like ugly characters, and will romance them if i like them well enough.  hell, i like snape, who in the books is NOT alan rickman.  (who is not terribly physically attractive, either, but somehow makes it work.)  it’s just that these designs scream the handiwork of men.  some of them are outright creepy, like the bald elf person that looks like a video game cryptkeeper (and nick cage, who IS a video game cryptkeeper, god i hate nick cage).  i like a few of the females (vivienne is great, especially), but it’s clear they were designed to be attractive to men.  yes, even cassandra, who is perfectly conventionally attractive nor does she defy gendered expectations in appearance (compare her to aveline).  the males are clearly designed to be cool or cater to men’s ideas of attractiveness.  little to no thought was given to female preferences, it’s pretty obvious.  it’s all so designed for the male gaze, and that has already put me off, i confess.




dont deny it

i hate you!

I can never unsee this T.T





i already dislike this guy as intensely as i do nick cage.  everything about the character design literally makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.  like nick cage does.