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You underestimate my ability to constantly reblog every Fenris fanart I come across.

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you guys—














Nyasha Matonhodze wearing Alexander McQueen photographed by Sølve Sundsbø for Vogue Japan, November 2011


Nyasha Matonhodze wearing Alexander McQueen photographed by Sølve Sundsbø for Vogue Japan, November 2011

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i want a rpg game with

  • graphics as good as a main line final fantasy
  • a story as fresh and interesting as an old school ps/ps2 era game
  • an explorable and interactive environment like skyrim
  • the options and character development of a bioware game
  • a side game of sorts with the romance development of a dating sim open and customized to include all genders and sexualities
  • action/adventure gaming as awesome as a legend of zelda game

i really hate people telling me i can’t have it all.  i refuse to settle.  i’m gonna keep demanding it until i eventually get it.

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theoreticalconstruct asked: Re: Misogyny in femslash - can you elaborate? (You're the first person I've seen bringing it up in ages, and I'm curious.)

hm?  oh, i suppose i didn’t clarify very well.  i actually think femslash is the least misogynistic of all the corners of fandom, to be sure.  i won’t go saying it’s completely free of misogyny, though.  even lesbians and bi/pan/trans women can internalize misogyny and perpetuate gender essentialism.  misogyny is pretty well embedded in society and within ourselves.  so we carry it everywhere.  but as a genre, i have very little criticism of femslash.  and i think that it’s so small in comparison to het and dudeslash strongly indicates how the media has failed in its representation of women—and we only perpetuate that in fandom.  if anything, i see femslash as the underdog in all this.



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yes.  though i would say the desire for het or femslash or dudeslash or trans fic or what have you is all equally valid, and i can understand all of it.  i support all of it.  people have different ways of coping and interacting with reality, and what works for some won’t work for others.  what bothers me is people telling other people they can’t have that, because it’s inherently misogynistic.  that’s bullshit and limiting.  to be honest, i, personally, have a hard time writing het pairings due to the fact that sexism and gender essentialism is so bound up in those, so i tend to avoid them completely.  but that’s me.  i don’t presume to tell het people they’re furthering patriarchal systems of oppression and gender roles when writing het, so i’d thank them to not tell me i’m being misogynistic when i write dudeslash.

honestly, i am more than happy to discuss the problem of how misogyny manifests throughout all fandom (fic-sporking and mary sue-bashing absolutely is part of that culture, and should be called out on it, and i say this as someone who used to participate in it, much to my shame).  i’m just not going to point my finger at any one corner and say, “YOU.  YOU ALONE ARE THE PROBLEM AND THE REASON THAT FANDOM TREATS WOMEN AND GIRLS BADLY.”

Man. Yes. It’s generally complicated, but I find it disturbing how not wanting to see het = omg misogyny.

oh, yes, very complicated, since there is misogyny within the slash fandom, but it’s not worse than het.  and not wanting to envision women in romantic relationships doesn’t mean you hate women, either.  slash can absolutely include women, who are narratively important, and not just grease for the dudeslash wheel.  romance and sex are not the only functions for female characters.