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decided i didn’t want to go into town, stop went to the grocery store and i’m having udon for dinner.  met another foreigner, and we lol’d because we were both gonna go to town and said fuck it and are buying dinner and watching tv at our respective homes.  XD  just that kinda night.

your katakana and hiragana aren’t good enough for the elitist pizza place

apparently not.  they work for the freaking government, you’d think a pizza place would be happy, but no, it kept telling me to enter katakana into a place that i had entered katakana.  >:[

they usually want english for the first and katakana for the second

i actually tried that, as that’s what I understood.  Didn’t work.  Nothing did.  So I gave up, I’m having my own dinner.  Pizza place doesn’t like my name, then they don’t get my money!

well i was gonna order pizza, but they kept refusing my katakana and hiragana names and i don’t know what they want so fuck them i’m going out for either korean or a box of chicken

i was gonna go grocery shopping, but then i realized i won’t actually be home much tomorrow and i could just order pizza.  >.>

it will be a while because i’m sitting on a pile of games ATM but I just added this series to the TBP list. you terrible enabler you.

*smiles the evil smile of all enablers*

*hugs* I feel you on the socially awkward front. on the flip side, you could probably start a blog just full of overheard snippets entitled ACCIDENTALLY AWFUL or something

yeah, this is why i’m mildly surprised i even have friends in japan.  i will just find a place to plunk my ass down and not talk to anyone and try not to look terrified when in a group setting.  i also don’t find some people very friendly.  it could be that they don’t like me (when i do talk, i can be blunt and tactless and sometimes ranty), or that i’m being super paranoid.  and there’s no good way to ask “have i done something to offend you?”

but yeah, i can totally write that blog.  i’d run out material quick, though.  mostly because i hide in my house away from people.  XD

oh no! i googled zevran because I was not familiar with this name and now I am interested in this game series DD: what did you dooooooo

yes, yes, ALL SHALL LOVE IT AND DESPAIR.  dragon age has a host of issues, but it’s also really interesting and addictive, and the characters are often pure gold, especially in the second game.  zevran is the best from the first game, imho, and made that game worth playing.  come join me in elf hell.

a lot of them sound truly awful and I can’t ever imagine going somewhere and being so blatantly disrespectful. (also, ugh. dudebros. they’re obnoxious enough in their home setting, i shudder to think of what they’re like loosened upon distant shores)

a lot of them kinda are.  and some of them are okay, too.  and some of them are just not anyone i can get close to, because i’m socially awkward and tend to go silent and hide in the corner in groups.  people tend to think i’m a bitch or weird or just forget i exist, which is what happened in this group.  so i got to overhear a lot of painful conversations.  and yeah, i can confirm white dudebros from america, canada, and australia are pretty much cut from the same sorry-ass cloth.  they all suffer from dudebro hivemind syndrome.

my other favorite today was a white girl going “no, no, it was the asian guy!” about who had done something.  mind you, we’re in japan.  i’m going to go bang my head against the wall now.  my only joy was noticing the japanese-american dude in the group side-eyeing her for that comment.

completely understandable! personally, if I have to choose a slightly unhinged quippy superhero, gimme Freakazoid from that cartoon back in the 90s.

i don’t think i know who that is!  when it comes to unhinged quippy types, i can’t think of too many superheroes for that.  i do like zevran a lot, though.  quippy, definitely unhinged, but also part of a disenfranchised and oppressed group that makes his behavior read ENTIRELY differently from deadpool, especially given zevran’s disturbing background.